Chicken Implosion

Chicken Implosion

Save the chickens or watch them explode

Sort chicks before time runs out in Chicken Implosion. View full description


  • Good presentation
  • Fast sessions


  • Repetitive


Sort chicks before time runs out in Chicken Implosion.

Chicken Implosion is focused around saving little chicks from doom by picking them up and placing them on the same colored pads. It is a simple arcade game that quickly increases the difficulty when it adds more than just two types of chicks and speeds things up.

The simple gameplay mechanic of Chicken Implosion is what makes it addictive. Difficulty starts to increase with Chicken Implosion sending more chicks on the screen, each with their own countdown, that have to be moved onto their respective pads. Wait a second too long and the chick implodes into a mess.

Chicken Implosion’s presentation is different because while it is mainly looks like a cartoon, there is a certain amount of gore. It is not on the same scale as other apps that utilize it as a main focus. In fact, the gore of Chicken Implosion is more humorous.

While Chicken Implosion is a fun, pick-up-and-play title; it does get a little repetitive. Even with the addition of new chicks, the difficulty is how fast players can flick the chicks around.

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Chicken Implosion


Chicken Implosion

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